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Want to maximize response? Team up with your copywriter.

As an email marketer you will more than once have sat yourself behind your text editor, perfectly knowing what you want to write about. But somehow the words just don’t seem to come through. It’s no disgrace to have creative off-day. Sometimes it’s a better option to call in the cavalry: get a professional copywriter […]

QR codes: a simple way to boost subscriptions

  How can people sign-up for your newsletter when they are not behind their pc? A great way is the use of QR codes. Just think about it, when people aren’t behind their pc, they would have to type the URL on their mobile device, wait for the page to load, look for a subscription form […]

Why customers break up with brands

There have been lots of articles lately proclaiming the end of the email era. But that’s far from the truth. All social networks need email to survive, and email is still the largest growing digital communication channel. Did you know that 93% of internet users in the US willingly receive at least one commercial email […]

Get more out of your out-of-office messages

When leaving the office for just a day or for a longer period, we make sure our contacts know we are away. But can’t we make our automated out-of-office replies more interesting and hook them up them with our email marketing campaigns? Sure we can. Most of the out-of-office messages are quite simple. They just […]

How can email marketing help SEM? – Part II

Last week’s tipmail focused on the fact that SEM can benefit your email marketing. SEM can guide the right people to your subscription pages and provide you with relevant keyword information. But, how can email marketing return the favor and help SEM? Imagine someone has subscribed to get information about a certain service, product or […]

Don’t let the benchmarks blind you

One of the most crucial questions in email marketing is to determine whether or not your campaign was a success. But what defines success? Is it intensive click-through, is it a high opened rate or is it exceeding the existing industry benchmarks? Well, to tell you the truth: none of the above clearly points out […]

Will email marketers still make it to your inbox in the future?

The landscape of traditional email marketing is changing more and more every day. One of the most significant evolutions is the rising popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices. People tend to read emails nowadays on their iPhone, Blackberry or Ipad. So will email marketers still be able to reach these people? Yes they will, […]

E-couponing: a trend on the rise

An e-coupon is just a fancy word for an electronic coupon. It’s easy: you print them at home and redeem them in stores when you go out shopping. And by the way things look, it’s very likely that the popularity of e-coupons will grow considerably in the future. Which types of e-coupons are available?

How to generate more clicks through social media sharing

Email messages that include a social media sharing option like Twitter, Facebook and Linked In, generate a higher click-through rate (CTR) than those without sharing options. According to a study by GetResponse, messages with three or more sharing options generate an even higher CTR. This phenomenon tells us it’s not enough to integrate campaigns with […]

Use your email preheader as a selling opportunity

While most email marketers do include a preheader in their email designs, many businesses aren’t taking full advantage of that small yet important part of their email campaigns. Okay, including the standard “Problems viewing this email? Click here to read it online.” message is good for accessibility. But why waste a good opportunity to sell […]