Monthly Archives: December 2007

The use of metrics in a long-term engagement

An article with the striking title “how email marketers misuse metrics” claimed our attention. Real-time measurement and analysis is for us an elementary part of the reason why you should use email marketing in your marketing communication strategy. The essence of the article was an overview of a survey taken of respondents as marketers, agencies […]

Will this flash movie receive an Oscar next year?

Just before Christmas a shameless advertising-gift from EmailGarage 😉 This blog wants to be a specific resource centre for email marketing, but offering a flash-movie about an email marketing platform can help everyone who needs or wants to take a next step in their email marketing experience. Ok, we admit it, we are just proud […]

Unilever Belgium at MarketingSherpa’s 3rd Annual Email Summit – Miami

We are very proud to announce you that Unilever Belgium was chosen to present his email marketing case at MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit that takes place in Miami from February 24th – 26th. Michon Van Doorn (Unilever) will bring the case of the entire data enrichment and synchronization process behind the Belgian email marketing approach. Together […]

This may be the most important email of the year…

        Before we’re heading into the holidays, here’s our last tip of 2007: Turn 2008 into a huge success! All the best, Your friends at EmailGarage P.S.: keep a tight grip on your relations next year – send them an e-card too!    

Christmas driven marketing

Christmas holidays are coming. Greeting cards and presents are all around this time of the year. Not surprisingly, they are the ideal way to convey your season’s greetings to your clients. Haven’t yet decided how to send your best wishes to your relations? Why not try the free EmailGarage e-cards for a change? They’re a […]

Embedded images versus delivery

Some marketers embed images in their proper e-mail message, to prevent that their readers have to ‘download pictures’ first. Without the deliverability issue, this is a well thought action. Unfortunately, adjusting attachments (like images) will highly increase the chance that your email is reported as spam. Another topic on this blog tells you more about […]

Use customer data to personalise emails

Studies have shown that the greater number of personalisation elements to an email, the higher the response rates. Basic personalisation can mean addressing a recipient by their first name. Ultimately, however, true personalisation means delivering emails that are tailored to the specific profile and preferences of each recipient. The types of personalization may vary in […]

Email as a gateway for social media (2)

This is a blog about email marketing, as you know, but internet luckily allows you to integrate lots of different media. This series of topics is therefore an overview of possible connections between social media and email marketing. We describe social media as the tools and platforms that people use to publish, converse and share […]