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Porn, a reference in email marketing?

Talking about porn is taboo. Everything about it is bad. Isn’t it? This article is not about ethical do’s and don’ts, it is about the professionalism of email marketing in the porn industry. Especially the search marketing environment is crowded by naughty advertisers and other attractive offers. But a high percentage of porn interaction happens […]

Transfer your message from junk to inbox with white listing

An essential issue in email deliverability is white listing. A high percentage of sent emails worldwide is spam. ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) try to protect their customer’s inboxes using filter mechanisms and very strict rules. This helps distinguishing wanted mails from the unwanted, but the system is not waterproof. Different permission-based emails are labelled as […]

Email address acquisition: worst practice

A few posts ago we wrote an article on this blog about subscription and update forms and gave some tips and tricks about how you should use it. Now here is a tip how you should NOT do it!

Save your emails from hungry spam filters

The Belgian law obliges companies to ask the written permission of their contacts, before they start sending them commercial emails. Sending unsolicited commercial emails –  also known as SPAM –  causes damage to your corporate image. In some cases it can even cost you a law suit. And that’s one thing you don’t need. So […]

Forms as a part of email usability

Usability is an often used term in email marketing. The ease of use of emailing not only contains composition and lay-out of your email message, it is also about  handling your opt-ins, profile updates and opt-outs easily. Clear forms increase the feeling that their actions are not ignored, even better, they will feel appreciated. By […]

Always create a plain text version of HTML emails

You can send plain text emails, HTML emails (designed like a web page) or even emails enhanced with rich media such as Flash, a programming language to create animations. Generally, when a person subscribes to an email newsletter, you should give him the choice between HTML or plain text. Most readers prefer HTML, but with […]

Use reporting to understand your customer needs

Today’s society grows more and more to a consumer-centric model. “Don’t shout, talk.” is therefore EmailGarage’s opinion and worldwide slogan. Stop shouting around, start aiming to that specific customer that really needs your product or service. Different famous marketers and sales directors keep repeating that listening to your customer is essential. Off course, you will say […]

Where to find email addresses?

Internal In house emailing lists tend to perform better then externally bought lists. You should use every existing contact moment to collect email addresses and ask permission to inform by email. Some collecting points:

Visual subject lines???

Advenix just released VisualSubject, a graphical “billboard” that drops down from the email subject line. (To see how it works, visit Is it an interesting application, providing graphical information in the subject line to help the email stand out from the clutter or a possible new way for spammers to drop undesired content in […]

Sign off in (corporate) style

Some company policies imply that every employee uses the same email signature. And very rightly so! The email signature is a cheap and easy way to help you personalise and promote your corporate identity. But a well-crafted email signature has got some other significant advantages. A good email signature contains the sender’s contact information. That […]