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ALT-tags for images in email messages: why bother?

Any web designer who understands accessibility knows the benefits of ALT-tags. As images are not automatically displayed in most email clients, short descriptions of the blocked images give readers a quick overview of what to expect. And after all: ALT-tags help surfers navigate through web pages more easily, so why shouldn’t they work in emails? […]

How to build a good email template

Most email marketers know the general structure of email marketing templates. A banner, a title, the copy and footer – it’s as simple as that. But there are a few twists. One of them is making sure that the structure and copy of the email have a uniform look in different email clients. Here’s how […]

Outlook 2010 vs. 2007

I just wanted to give you an update about the release of Outlook 2010. An acid test by Litmus compares 2007 vs 2010 and to be honest their is really no diffrence in rendering the email. What should email designers be doing differently for Outlook 2010 vs 2007? To be honest, nothing.  As always: Keep […]

2010 email marketing predections

An overview of some famous quotes and predictions on email marketing in 2010: “Because email is inherently effective, marketers get away with poor processes and little innovation and still are able to produce better ROI than their other marketing efforts” – Jeff Hilimire, chief digital officer, Engauge “More sophisticated use of analytics will help marketers […]

Day 3 @ the Miami MarketingSherpa Email

The last day of this Miami summit was all about social and permission marketing. It hits me that the US (opt-out) market is “finally” using the advantage of working in a 100% opt-in concept. That was exactly the link between social media and deliverability and the topics of today. Social media are used to get […]

Day 2 @ the Miami MarketingSherpa Email – part 2

Impossible to do all the sessions in one day; since it was a duel track of B2B and B2C cases. I mixed according to my personal interest. A small overview and key findings on some of the slots: Must-Have triggered email marketing campaigns for every business A very complete overview of every possible triggered email […]

Email Marketing Master Class Speaker on YouTube

Master Class speaker, Kenny Van Beeck, on YouTube. More info on the EmailGarage MasterClasses, here.  A one day course with all the insights of tomorrow’s email marketing techniques. Be quick, only 5 seats left.!!

1 day, 3 speakers, 2 cases and … a networking opportunity with other email marketeers.

We invite you to take part in our upcoming Email Marketing Master Classes. You can sign up for the Dutch session on Monday 14 December or join the French session on Thursday 17 December. During these sessions we’ll dig deep into the latest trends and give you the opportunity to sharpen your email marketing knowledge in just one day. […]

1 dag, 3 sprekers, 6 succesfactoren, 2 cases en … netwerken met andere e-mail marketeers.

We nodigen u graag uit om deel te nemen aan onze E-mailmarketing Master Class op maandag 14 december 2009. Met deze E-mailmarketing Master Class krijgt u de laatste stand van zaken aangereikt en spijkert u in één dag uw kennis bij. U krijgt de meest recente benchmark cijfers, praktische tips en concrete cases. Een ideale mix […]

Respect your mobile email readers

The worldwide use of mobile internet is spreading like a wildfire. However reading email on mobile phones isn’t always that easy. That’s an issue you’d best keep in mind when drawing out your email campaigns. But how exactly do you go about keeping this important user group satisfied? For starters, you could shorten and clearly […]